What role does B2B data play in customer retention?

In the B2B sector customer retention is immensely crucial. A long lasting relationship can provide fantastic returns and it is always more cost effective to retain business than having to look for new customers. Lose a client and you could miss out on a lot of sales over time. It can also affect your reputation.

Surprisingly the quality of your B2B data can have a big impact on customer retention. If you don’t work to keep your records up to date and build a strong relationship with clients it can cause big problems.

Ideally you want to keep your data clear and accurate so that every single email you send out reaches the intended target. If a customer doesn’t hear from you for a long period of time it can really affect the relationship. Don’t let incorrect data be the cause of this breakdown in communication.

In addition, with quality B2B data it is easier to personalise the messages you send out. If your records only contain email addresses and little else it is more challenging. When you have the name of the individual, the job title, and other useful details you can make emails more personal. These are more likely to grab attention and get the kind of response you want.

It is wise to see your data as the asset it is and treat it as such. You wouldn’t let a building or a vehicle deteriorate to the point where is has lost a huge amount of value. The same goes for your records. Don’t let information such as job titles and even names get outdated. If you have a good relationship with the client you should be in a position to keep information up to date when things like promotions, marriages, and even new appointments happen.

At B2B Data we manage our records to ensure they can act as a great base for building strong, long lasting relationships with clients. This makes them an even better investment, particularly when you consider how low the costs are per record.

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