Good Data Vs Bad Data

Purchasing a list of B2B data can really help to take marketing campaigns to a new level, especially when the quality is there. The key to getting the best lists is to choose a provider that puts the time and effort in to verifying the information and cleansing it. You want to work with someone who is ethical and reliable rather than employing shady tactics.

The thing that really sets good data apart from bad is that it has been verified. This means that the information is correct and that the business has opted in. Some providers may try to sell every record they can find without taking the time to see if the businesses are happy to receive messages. Using this information could have bad consequences for you. Similarly the data could be out of date, meaning you don’t manage to get in touch with anybody.

Sometimes bad data also comes about because it hasn’t been cleansed properly. No business wants to pay for a thousand email addresses for people who work at the same company. Instead they would prefer to have a single email address for a prospective client at a thousand businesses. Duplicated records can quickly cut down the size of the audience you can market to and means you are paying for the same information several times.

The consequences of using bad data can include;

Damage to your reputation
Breaching laws
Lower response rates or negative feedback
Waste of time and resources
Potentially alienating the audience

With good data featuring up to date information that has been verified and no duplicates you can enjoy the complete opposite of all of the above. You could see your reputation improving, boost brand awareness, and also see an increase in sales. This is an investment you could definitely consider a success.

At B2B Data we are committed to providing quality lists for the most affordable prices. All of our data is up to date and reliable; we use it ourselves after-all. Once you purchase a list from us you can use it as the foundation of your own database, utilising the details multiple times and expanding on them as you go. The rewards can be fantastic.

If you would like to purchase fantastic B2B data please browse our website to see what records we have for your area or industry. We are sure you will be amazed by the prices we charge.