Ensure email addresses are correct

When you send out digital newsletters or promotional emails what do you think of as being the most important thing? Is it the design? How about the quality of the content? Or even the number of links back to your main website?

Although all of the above are important we believe that the most important thing to good email marketing is quality data. Your materials may look great, be filled with attractive information and calls to arms, but if they are not sent to the right people there is little chance of a good return. This is even truer if you work business to business. In these cases quality B2B data is essential.

Ensuring that the materials reach the intended targets comes down to good data. If you have incorrect email addresses the messages will not land at all. This results in wasted effort on your part and potentially a bad investment. It could even annoy or upset people at a potential client; nobody likes receiving messages intended for somebody else.

There can be mistakes with data for all kinds of reasons, including incorrect initial inputs or not verifying that an email address is correct. If you use B2B data you should have a system in place to manage it properly, checking the validity in particular.

One of the biggest errors that can be made is failing to anticipate that people can change jobs, whether they get a promotion within the business or leave it altogether. Both of these could leave emails failing to reach the right people. It is wise to keep on top of the situation and periodically check to make sure that email addresses are right. If someone has left their role you need to get the information for the new decision maker.

At B2B Data we work hard to ensure the email addresses in our records are correct, free from any input errors and that they reach the right people. As a result when you purchase a list from us and send materials out you can have confidence they are reaching the right destinations.