Don’t be slowed down by your data

Timing is absolutely crucial with email marketing. If you want to make the biggest impact you need to ensure you send emails at the right time so that people are more likely to read them and take action rather than ignore them.

It is even more important to get the timing right if your promotion is only running for a limited time, such as a flash sale, or in the lead up to a particular date. Send out your emails too late and you only give people a small period in which to respond. The problem is worse if you work B2B.

There are two major things that can cause big problems in terms of how quickly you can send out your emails. Firstly is getting the designs right. If you spend a lot of time working on them and haven’t planned properly, deadlines can easily be missed. The second major issue is problems with B2B data. If the records aren’t available when they are needed or they haven’t been properly validated it can cause big delays in sending out emails.

Ideally the B2B data should be ready to go before it is needed. If it is already clean and accurate it becomes a simple case of just a few clicks and emails will be flying out to their intended targets.

Sadly many businesses fail to manage their data properly, either because systems and resources are not in place or because of bad practices. This can result in all kinds of problems and the troublesome delays in sending out materials.

There are some great options for businesses that either don’t have easy access to good data or have failed to manage their own. At B2B Data we have lists of contract information for businesses throughout the UK in a variety of industries. We have over a million records, all of which are ready to use.

When you purchase a list from us there is minimal delay. As soon as you checkout and make the payment the data will be sent to you via email. The records are ready to use so the whole process can be almost seamless.

If speed is important we are the company you should be getting your B2B data from.