Bringing focus to your marketing campaign

Even the best marketing campaigns will fail if you don’t reach the right people. Ideally you want your message to be received by a decision maker who is in a position to purchase goods or services. This can be tricky when it comes to B2B, especially with larger businesses that have lots of employees. You could send messages to many of them without ever reaching the right person. A better option than aiming in the dark is to choose reliable B2B data.

With a list of verified records you can ensure your marketing materials don’t get lost and reach the most appropriate targets. This is a much better use of your time and resources, as well as giving you the best chance of making a healthy ROI.

Once you decide to purchase a list of quality B2B data you need to make a decision on timing. The two choices you have are to create your campaign first or to begin by getting the data. Both offer different benefits and the path you choose should suit your specific requirements.

One thing to think about if you purchase data first is it will give you the chance to personalised messages from the outset. This can make a much better impact on the receiver and grab their attention. Keep in mind that decision makers at businesses receive countless messages every day offering services and products. Many of them will get ignored but a thoughtful, personalised message is more likely to be read.

You can still personalise messages if you create the campaign first and then get the data but it will generally take more time and resources to do so. You could even find yourself in the position where you need to make wholesale changes to ensure the marketing is appropriate. This would result in additional costs and delays.

With B2B Data you can purchase quality records for businesses in a variety of industries and locations all across the UK. You can complete an order quickly and we will send the data to you promptly. That way there is no delay and you can begin sending messages or creating your marketing materials.

In addition our data is incredibly cost effective. Where other businesses charge several pence per record, especially if you want very specific information, we can offer details for just a fraction of a penny. We have millions of records and can source additional details for you if you want to invest a little more.

If you have any questions about our B2B data please get in touch.