Our focus at B2B Data has always been on providing the highest quality data for the most cost effective prices. We want to help clients make the most of their budget, ensuring they have access to information about businesses that can really help them with promotion and sales. With our help you can create all kinds of opportunities for your business in no time.

The data we have collected includes millions of records and is constantly expanding. We work hard to keep it up to date and cleansed, removing duplicates and ensuring everything is properly organised. That way it is much easier for you to select the details you want and start contacting the businesses.

Over the years we have invested tens of thousands of pounds in the information we are offering you for such cost effective prices. We have personally used the details ourselves to reach out to prospective clients and promote the services we have to offer. Therefore you can have complete confidence in the quality and accuracy.

If you are looking to unlock new opportunities for your business we believe our B2B data will be a really big help and prove to be a great investment.

In addition we offer full customer support and can cater for all kinds of specific requirements. Simply get in touch and we will help you to determine what kind of data you need and what we can provide for your budget. If you already have a good idea of what you need you can purchase online with just a few clicks and start your marketing efforts.


The thing that really makes B2B Data stand out is our incredible pricing. We offer individual records for just a fraction of a penny, making your budget go as far as possible. Where you can expect to pay other companies thousands of pounds, you can get similar high quality results with us for much less.

All records include details such as the email address of the company. If you want comprehensive records that include detailed data about the business rather than just contact details we can provide this; the price will be slightly higher though. This accounts for the additional work that needs to go in to finding, checking and vetting the information.